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Cecilia and Saveria working on a set of dentures

Victoria Drive Denture Clinic

At Victoria Drive Denture Clinic, we strive to create a welcoming and judgment-free environment, where you can feel comfortable discussing your dental needs. Our denture specialists take the time to understand your unique case and develop a personalized treatment plan. Our team of denture professionals takes a compassionate approach to denture care, providing you with the care and individualized attention you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for a full set of Ivocap dentures or need to repair an existing denture, we have you covered. With our help, you can regain your confidence with a beautiful and natural smile. Contact us today to learn more about Vancouver dentures and the best options for you.

Meet the Victoria Drive Denture Clinic Team

Backed by years of experience, we work as a team to provide our patients with the best possible service. We know every denture is unique and we will ensure your needs meets our expertise to achieve the most natural looking outcome for you.

We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves in setting the highest standards – your smile is our signature!

Cecilia Guglielmetti, Denturist - Victoria Denture Clinic, Vancouver BC

Cecilia Guglielmetti


Denturist Cecilia Guglielmetti was born in Switzerland and raised in Argentina. In 2001, she moved to Canada with her family

After beginning her career as a dental technician working in the denture department for two of the biggest dental laboratories in Vancouver for 12 years, she decided to further her education to become a denturist. As much as she loved the creativity of being a technician, she never got to meet the person she was making the denture for. This left her wanting a more personal approach to the process, which motivated her to pursue her denturist training.

Cecilia enrolled into the denturist program at the Vancouver Community College and was awarded a scholarship from the DABC (Denturist Association of British Columbia) for being the best student. After graduating, she immediately started working here, at the Victoria Drive Denture Clinic. She likes to keep up with continuing education to help her patients with the most up to date technologies.

Now, with 17 years of combined technical and clinical experience in denture making, Cecilia decided it was time for her to spread her wings and took over ownership of the clinic. This couldn’t have been possible without the support and mentorship of Friedrich Brumm, previous owner, who entrusted his clinic to Cecilia.

Restoring her patients’ smiles and self-confidence while creating a long lasting relationship built on trust and care is her utmost goal.

Saveria Renucci, Dental Technician - Victoria Denture Clinic, Vancouver BC

Saveria Renucci

Dental Technician

Saveria was born and raised in France and she moved to Canada in 1999. She completed her dental technician studies in Strasbourg, France and obtained her diplomas there.

With just about 30 years being a denture technician, she has worked in dental labs, denturist clinics, and dental offices spanning from France to Calgary, Montreal, and now Vancouver. Saveria’s natural artistic instincts, craftsmanship, and attention to detail make her a very valuable member of our team.

Pam Scott, Receptionist - Victoria Denture Clinic, Vancouver BC

Pam Scott


After being a travel specialist for 40 years, Pam has transferred her professional skills and experience working with people to being the friendly frontline contact at Victoria Drive Denture Clinic. Her positive attitude, exemplary work ethics, attention to detail, and professional manner will help put you at ease when you trust us with your dentures in Vancouver. 

Client Testimonials

gayle edwardson
gayle edwardson
They are awesome over there, I broke my 2 front teeth on my dentures and I was able to come the next morning for a emergency repair. That was last spring 2021 and because of the way my coverage works I was able to come back in the fall and get brand new dentures, and I was so glad that I got them there. The Dr and her staff were very friendly, more than helpful and from the first set of impressions to having my new full set of dentures was a quite a bit faster than I imagined it would be. They are so comfortable, I've been able to wear them all day and evening right from the first day. I ate my first full meal with them this weekend, and it went really well, I never was able to eat properly with my bottom dentures of my old teeth which resulted in me taking out my teeth to eat. Their quality and fair pricing is just 2 of the many reasons I recommend them.
pertti aakala
pertti aakala
I was consistently treated very kindly and professionally. Good information is offered and the quality of service is excellent. Bonus: their pricing is very reasonable! Highly recommended by me.
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
Great team to work with. Tons of expertise and very gentle when it comes to dealing with difficult problems. Also conveniently located :)
patricia tonomura
patricia tonomura
Thank you Denturist Fred...I now finally have a quality of life due to your expertise...after a horrifying 2 year experience at another place I finally can eat talk smile without glue...pain ...and constantly having a complex about teeth...I recommend your facilities 100 percent...I now feel comfortable and confident about my teeth...thank you again

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