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Legacy Letter

The Legacy continues. It has been my honour and privilege to serve in my capacity as a denturist since 1987. As a new cycle in my life is unfolding, I passed the business on to Cecilia Guglielmetti. I was looking for a worthy successor for quite some time and found the perfect match in her.

With the support team of business manager, Denise Dunn and dental technician Saveria Renucci the three ladies make a powerful team that carries on the tradition of excellent service I have strived to provide for during the last 32 years. Having worked with me the for last 5 years, Cecilia continues the legacy I have established. She has my full  confidence that she will serve you with the same commitment to keep you smiling that has make this business so successful over the years.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all the patients who put their trust in me in the past. I am very happy to say Cecilia is worthy of the same  trust you showed me and I wish her all the Best for many years to come. She will continue to serve you with the latest and best technology denturism has to offer.

Friedrich HG Brumm

Friedrich HG Brumm, Previous owner of Victoria Drive Denture Clinic, Vancouver BC